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Muthill Museum presents…

The Museum recently hosted a successful evening of poetry and song featuring our own Irene Evans with her wonderful poetry and Sandy Black with his amusing and very appropriate musical contribution. We met and were entertained by Maurice Gartshore who read both poetry and prose which was witty and meaningful.

The Committee would like to thank all who performed, attended and supported this inaugural event. The museum was once a home and would have echoed with the voices of the family and friends of Nora O’Donnel and the people whose home this was before. It was good to keep this in our thoughts as we were royally entertained.

If anyone would consider using their talents to continue in this vein we would be more than happy to hear from you.

The event was inspired by the finding of a poem “To My Muthill School Mates” by Thomas McRorie,   published in 1904 (reproduced in full below).  If you have any insights, memories or information on the people and places mentioned, please leave your comments here or contact Shirley on 429.

The Museum is now closed for the Winter – watch this space for Spring opening details. Water and toilet facilities have been re-instated and grant applications are now underway. Pen and ink drawings of the village, by Prof Charles Robertson, can be viewed at the Barley Bree and are available to buy.

Shirley Blackburn

Chair, Museum Committee



The by-gane years hing roun’us yet,

Like fragrance roun’ the floo’er;

The scented boo’ers we’ll ne’er forget

Till death comes ripplin’ ow’er.

If we forget “the Auld Toll Bar”,

As we forsook the “Spoot”,

We’ll linger roun’ the “Auld Kirkyard”

Till life gangs blinkin’ oot

We’ll always mind the “Auld Kirk Stile”,

An they “twa wa’nut trees”,

Whaur aft we play’d in youthfu’ days

Aroun’ the “Wee Shrubbies”;

An’dartin’ doon the “Buggie Ward”,

An’ crossin’ thro’ its “Green”,

An’ blinkin’ roun’ the “Auld Hearse Hoose”

Wi’ glistenin’ in oor e’en

If “Menzies Entry”we forget,

We’ll mind oor “hide ‘n tak”;

We’ve bicker’d up it monie a time

To jouk roun’ “Pollythack”.

The “Smiddy Entry” dartin’ thro’,

Took leg-ball up the “Feus”,

Alang ‘n doon “Lintibert Loan”,

Feet bickerin’ like a ”grews”.

But when we dream o’ “Jargonelles”,

We see the “Little Turn”,

The “Bogles Brae” whaur Hugh was kill’d

The tinklin’ wee “Brews Burn”;

Wi’ “Silly Ardoch”,” Pirnhill”;

The “Wud o’ Muthill” too,

Where aft we gaed in by-gane days,

Blaeberries sweet to pu’

Then “Dandy Jim” an’ “Burke an’ Hare”

Come hirplin’ thro’ oor mind;

An’ when we strike “ Black Annie’s “ name,

Ye ken we’re in the Wynd.

“M’Rorries Entry” there aye yet,

To mind us o’ the “Glen”

An’ openin’ to the auld “Back Raw”,

An’ will be to the en’.

But when we cross to “Mungo’s Shop”,

Tae hae oor yearly sate,

A name keeps ticklin’ at oor tongue,

Till oot comes “Fidgie Pate”.

An’ frae the back-door o’ his hoose

We see “Drunlaken Park”,

An’ gowerin’ on a garden near,

We whisper “Duncan Clark”.

The “Graduating Stanes” that stand,

Before the “Doug–head Well”,

A hun’ner times we’ve louped them ow’er

For twenty times we fell

The “Hielandman’s Park” the winter nichts,

The boomin’ o’ the “slide”;

The auld folk thocht the ‘oors were lang.

We thocht them loath to bide.

The “Black Bull” an’ the “Ellow Fit”,

The “First Brig” an’ “Trough-Stane”,

The “Drummond Gate” wi’ “Bennybegg”

Are photo’d on oor brain.

The quaint “Aulld Lagg” wi’ “Balloch Slap”,

Where squirrels we aft stan’d

A wee bit doon comes “Muthill March”

The wee toon o’ “Brig End”.

In “Drummond” an’ in “Adam’s Burn”

We, fishin’ aft got drook’d,

In “Machnay” an’ in “Bonnie Earn”,

As ladies aft we dooke’d.

The dear auld names fa’ on oor ears

Like music sweetly sung;

The aulder that we grow they fa’

The sweeter frae oor tounge.

THOMAS McRORIE                 GLASGOW                   1904


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